Death is one thing which will happen to every person every day. Death is the ultimate truth of life. Death is the process of separation of soul from the body. After death body becomes useless but the soul remains alive. It means our loved ones who are dead are living their afterlife. They are present around us and are concerned about us. If we are facing difficulties in life, they try to communicate with us to show the right path. They send different messages and signs that they are with us to conquer any situations. Sometimes we take a lot of time to notice these signs or messages. But they continue to send you the signs because they are eagerly want you to notice them. They will send the same signs again and again to seek our attention.

The signs can be in the form of a pictures which suddenly drawn into your mind. The sign can be in the form of song which suddenly struck your mind. The sign can be in the form of words which suddenly can be heard frequently from your surroundings. The signs can also be in the form of a miss call by an unknown number. We have to solve these puzzled signs.

There is a friend of mine whose mother suddenly passed away. He was a drug addict. One day one he woke up from the sleep, his maid told him that he was sleeping for two days. He realised that he will die soon if he won’t quit drugs. He asked his father that he want to quit drugs. His father took him to the rehab centre for the treatment. It was very difficult for him to battle the drugs. His body was wriggling for drugs. Sometimes his body would heat that much as if there was fire all around while some times his body would become so cold is if he is in Himalayas. In rehab he used to hear songs, suddenly he realised that they were the same songs which her mother use to sing for him. He realised that it couldn’t be a coincidence, it must be a sign from her mother for not quitting to conquer the drugs. Those songs were exactly what he wanted to be motivated. Those songs acted as medicine and he escaped from the cage of drugs.

Coincidence doesn’t have repetitive nature. If something is repeating it is definitely a sign from your loved ones. These signs from heaven connect you with your loved ones. Once you fix the puzzled sign, more signs will come to you. Then you will also be able to send your messages to them by simply humming in your mind. These signs are considered as a spiritual language between present life and after life. This communication will stop you complaining god for the death of your loved ones, then you will develop a belief that one day you will meet them in heaven.

These signs may make you cautious in starting but will fill you with extreme positivity once you understand them. You will be very confident about your work and life because you know that someone very is always with you in every moment of your life. Someone, who is very caring and kind for you, this kind of confidence and positivity will demolish every negative energy and problems of your life.

About the author: Susan B. Stewart

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