How to be conscious eater

Before you mindlessly eat something, take a second and be aware of following items:

  • Am I hungry, really hungry, or am I bored or looking for something to do?
  • How will this food make me feel right after I eat it? Great because I ate something healthy that my body was truly craving? Or ill because it was full of sugars, chemicals or fat?

Here are some other things to be aware of while you are eating:

  • Eat at a table, not at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy each bite.
  • Eat until your hunger is gone, not until you are full. When you hit the point of full, you have eaten too much.

Every time you go to eat something, whether a small snack or a big meal, think about that food you are going to put into your body. Will it make you feel better or worse after you eat it?

Man is the only species whose diet is not predictable. The diet of all other animals is certain. Their basic physical needs and their nature decides what they should eat and what they should not; how much they should eat, how much they should not; when they should eat and when they should stop. But man is absolutely unpredictable, he is absolutely uncertain. Neither his nature tells him what he should eat, nor his awareness tells him how much he should eat, nor his understanding decides when he should stop eating. As none of these qualities of man are predictable, the life of man has gone in some very uncertain directions. But if there is even a little understanding – if man starts living with even a little intelligence, with even a little thoughtfulness, opening his eyes even a little, then it is not at all difficult to change to a right diet. It is very easy; there can be nothing more easy. To understand right diet we can divide it into two parts.

The first thing: what should a man eat and what should he not? Man’s body is made of chemical elements. The whole process of the body is very much chemical. If alcohol is put into a man, then his body will be affected by the chemical – it will become intoxicated, unconscious. Howsoever healthy and peaceful man may be, the chemistry of the intoxication will affect his body. Howsoever saintly a man may be, if he is given poison then he will die. Do you want spiritual information and help? Visit

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