Death is one thing which will happen to every person every day. Death is the ultimate truth of life. Death is the process of separation of soul from the body. After death body becomes useless but the soul remains alive. It means our loved ones who are dead are living their afterlife. They are present […]


Meditation refers to a practice of making your mind distressed. In mediation people try to focus on one object or thought such that all other things are left aside. Best time to practice meditation is the best convenient time available, though it is preferred to do meditation in the morning because of the high oxygen […]

How to be conscious eater

Before you mindlessly eat something, take a second and be aware of following items: Am I hungry, really hungry, or am I bored or looking for something to do? How will this food make me feel right after I eat it? Great because I ate something healthy that my body was truly craving? Or ill […]